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13-Nov-2017 13:09

It's like saying 'we can do this even without you teaching us'.

I think Brian just wanted to be asked to teach them the piece and not just be copied from what they see on his Youtube page.

I really love dance, watching covers by dancers such as Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Anthony Lee and etc, and kpop.

So when I saw that IKON had covered his choreos while watching MIX & MATCH, I was proud and happy to see that Brian Puspos' talent had established a basis in even such a distant country as korea and that two of my favorite things were interconnecting.

Brian Puspos (born 1986) is an American choreographer from Houston, Texas.

He was a member of So Real Cru, who were declared runners up in Season 2 of the America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC) championship in 2008.

Lisätietoja muun muassa saatavilla olevista hallintamahdollisuuksista: evästekäytäntö.

SEE ALSO: i KON successfully wrap up 2017 Japan tour, gathers a total audience of 470,000 people this year On the 17th, Brian Puspos stirred the ongoing debate on whether crediting someone's choreography is enough or if there needs to be prior consent and hiring of the choreographer. You have crazy fans that misread things," apparently unaware that he tweeted to i KON's international fanbase @i KON_Global. If he made such a ruckus about them using his choreo even after they put credi on it, should the singer/composer or the song make some ruckus too? They all pay royalties so that they won't get hit by copyright issues.

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I also think that Brian Puspos should have taken it a little lighter and as good thing because it is free and global publicity, IKON ;was only doing it because they liked him and the fact that his work even reached that far is a achievement within itself.

He linked to i KON's cover of "Niliria", "All of Me", and "Siri Says" on the 8th episode of 'MIX & MATCH', claiming that this isn't the first time that the i KON boys have used his choreography. It seems after realizing his mistake, he deleted that tweet as well. They cover famous song and add some korean rap in the song too remember? Actually If they were to use a song from like Britney spears, beyonce, or usher etc.. You can't use someones work while not paying off the original person. American idol went through that in the pass and they paying up royalties because they don't want to go through that anymore..