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26-Jan-2018 03:18

The developer doesn't have to worry about low-level stream format details when two objects are connected together; the right thing just happens.

For example, if a mono audio stream is connected to a stereo input it should just mix to left and right channels appropriately.

For sophisticated web-based games or interactive applications, another solution is required.

It is a goal of this specification to include the capabilities found in modern game audio engines as well as some of the mixing, processing, and filtering tasks that are found in modern desktop audio production applications.

Apple's Logic Audio is one such application which has support for external MIDI controllers, arbitrary plugin audio effects and synthesizers, highly optimized direct-to-disk audio file reading/writing, tightly integrated time-stretching, and so on.The first element is ignored and implementations must set it to zero internally. The first element (index 0) should be set to zero (and will be ignored) since this term does not exist in the Fourier series.