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spirit cafe dating

To return back without worrying about the FOEs in the previous room, there will be a one-way shortcut right next to the event with the Snuff Soul.

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Ignore it for now and go to the nearby dead end for an event, where if you let Koromaru be, he will get you a Battle Leotard.

The north end one leads to an area with a Power Spot, shortcut back to the beginning area and another room that is empty (it's for a request later on).

Go back and head through the other door mentioned to be presented with Destined Partner Quest #5, so answer it and continue forward.

Just past the FOE is a small alcove, where you'll find a doll.

Inspect it and then ignore it for now, going through the door to view a short scene (shortcut right by the door).There will be another FOE here, facing west, which is blocking your path, so you'll need to find a way to get it to move.