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27-Dec-2017 08:24

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Otherwise your vast knowledge of everybody else’s business is nothing but empty calories. (I'm looking at you, Haley Joel Osment.): Being wise beyond your years isn’t about the years themselves; it’s about what happened during those years, and how you reflect upon that.

Or listening to audio programs in your car on the commute to work. You need to run the gauntlet of genuine experience. My mate Joey took the hardest, lowest paying job at his father’s plumbing company. I moved across the country to Portland because I’d never been there, didn’t know anybody and didn’t have a job. All of these situations were intentional, risk-laden, out of our comfort zones and chock-full of opportunities to depend on our own resources to survive. How much longer can you realistically suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome? If you want to be remembered as being wise beyond your years, claim expertise on one domain: Yourself. Do you need a copy of US Weekly or a blank journal? For example, when I sit next to people on airplanes whose actions are hurried, violent, stressed, frustrated and oxygen-deficient, it always makes me smile. But I’m so over that now.” Again, this isn’t said with arrogance or smugness; rather, with celebration and recognition of wisdom you didn’t recognize until you encounter a person who practiced the opposite. The problem is, most people don’t have the confidence that when they open their mouth, something good will come out.” What about you? You'll end up like one of those annoying, hyper-articulate child actors that people are tired of by the time they're twelve.

Actually, that’s one of the first things anyone learns when they travel abroad. I originally wrote this post as a passive aggressive attempt to spread information on the internet, in hopes that at least a couple foreigners planning to visit Tokyo might read it.

Train etiquette in Japan really shouldn’t be that difficult. But I had the weirdest surreal moment in the world a couple months after I moved to Tokyo because a group of tourists were smoking on the train, which is probably the biggest “No-no” for train etiquette in Japan.

Wisdom has nothing to do with how much time has past and everything to do with how much intelligent reflection you did during that time. Like the song by Jack Johnson: “Nobody knows anything about themselves because they’re all worried about everybody else.” Don’t be that guy.

In the words of the wise philosopher, Indiana Jones, “It’s not the years – it’s the mileage.”1.

Generally speaking, if you don’t see signs saying you are allowed to smoke, just assume it is prohibited in that area. In very public areas, such as in the middle of a festival or at a rally, they will have smoking rooms for you to use.

No one really cares (too much), but it is still embarrassing.

Much in the same way, even if someone protests and says they don’t need your seat, I will bet you a serious amount of yen that if you get up, point to the seat, and start walking away, they will say thank you.

They just want to be polite about it (like when you go out to eat with someone and both people fake wanting to pay the bill a couple times in hope that the other person really will treat them).

Instead, I’m just going to passively write this in hopes they see it someday. Smoking in public spaces is illegal in most parts of Japan.

You can actually get fined (not serious amounts) for smoking while walking or smoking in prohibited areas.

As a result, you often see old people camped out in front of tired youth – who are hiding behind their cellphones and avoiding eye contact. ” or “don’t worry,” before staring at the seat for a couple seconds, making sure no one else wants the seat, saying “thank you,” and finally sitting down.

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After all, it’s likely that “being yourself” hasn’t exactly gotten you to where you want to be. When we look at people who have something we want – whether it be material success, a skill or talent or even just a hot girlfriend – it’s only natural to try to be more like them.… continue reading »

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