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) Dawning realization with both of us that this relationship was going to get very serious, very quickly, came during the first date.The second date it was an uncontrollable rampaging stampede! Before this I have had many extensive dates and girlfriends and never wanted for female companionship.As the name indicates, this tends to be the gender dynamic of a male hero and a female villain (speculation as to why can be found on the Analysis page).Their different senses of morality will conveniently keep things from progressing too quickly and sometimes they won't move at all, since the character won't be as fun if they go straight. Compare Go-Karting with Bowser (when the relationship is platonic rather than romantic or sexual), Loves My Alter Ego (for similar relationships between heroes and bystanders), and Defecting for Love (which happens when the Catwoman decides to go straight after all).We must have sat there for two hours talking non-stop while our coffees grew cold and barely touched. With a twinkle in her eye and a coy mischievous grin she replied “I thought I had already asked you!” Alexis is a tall beauty with long dark auburn hair, and bright flashing emerald green eyes.

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I learned on our first date she really had yet to experience any having been here barely two months.Whenever I walked in she would give me a beaming smile.At the end of the second week encountering her repeatedly in the library in the same reading area, she asked me if I would like to accompany her to the coffee shop at the student union.) She as well as her family are enamored of Western Americana.

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Later, she explained to me that there were many European and Asian social groups in several nations that are solely formed for the interest in the American West, Cowboys & Indians, Western Swing music, films and television shows. Like others, I was attracted to her the first time I saw her, which was in the library where I went to do some studying.She briefly looked at me and then back down at her book, then her head almost comically snapped back up to take a longer harder look at me, which is not an uncommon reaction as I am six foot seven with rugged looks and rangy features. Several friends have stated I would have made a good model for the “Marlboro Man” cigarette advertisements (although I do not smoke or dip! We caught each other several times looking at each other that first time.

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