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Askia Muhammad Toure, the leader of a rebellion against Sonni Baru, overthrew Sonni Ali's son.

When he took the crown, he changed his name to Askia the Great.

This bibliography on African oral tradition, history, and literature in translation—to be frequently updated— represents highlights from the last fifty years of book acquisitions and other resources available at Columbia University Libraries.

African Queens Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history. Carter Godwin Woodson, distinguished Black author, editor, publisher, and historian (December 1875 - April 1950). Woodson believed that Blacks should know their past in order to participate intelligently in the affairs in our country.

By 1516 there were over 1000 students in the royal school, and other schools were located in the provinces, eventually resulting in the development of a fully literate noble class (schools were not built for ordinary people).

Afonso also sought to develop an appropriate theology to merge the religious traditions of his own country with that of Christianity.

He strongly believed that Black history - which others have tried so diligently to erase - is a firm foundation for young African Americans to build on in order to become productive citizens of our society.

Afonso I KING OF THE KONGO (1506-1540) Afonso I (often spelled "Affonso" as he did in his own letters, translated in English as Alphonzo or Alphonse) Mvemba a Nzinga of Kongo (c.

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However, in the battle that followed as Mpanzu's followers tried to storm the city, he was defeated, according to Afonso, when his men saw an apparition of Saint James the Great and the Holy Ghost in the sky and fled in panic.He was given the bishopric of Utica (in North Africa) by the Vatican, but actually served in Kongo from his return there in the early 1520s until his death in 1531.