Christian dating sleeping over

29-Jan-2018 23:16

Or maybe one or the other could stay with a friend or relative in the area during these times.

They’re bound to know someone who could make this possible. you want to keep the relationship in the best light possible until they marry.

two single people stay together in the same house before they get married?

What if it is just a day here and a day there —and even if it’s claimed that it is due to logistical/geographical or traveling reasons?

But the problem isn’t just that they’re staying in the same house together when they’re single.

They could be very innocent in their motives and their actions. Before I was a Christian, I was in that kind of situation several times and I still stayed pure. The problem is, that they are putting themselves into a situation, which gives the enemy of our faith a foothold to tempt them.

In fact they are set on avoiding it until marriage.

For this reason the temptations are very tuned in to the person who is being tempted.Greg then purchased a plane ticket and confirmed their first face-to-face visit.The next few weeks were even better than the past few weeks of getting to know each other.What if it’s claimed that they’re not having sexual relations together?

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The man is sleeping on the floor and the lady is sleeping on the bed.

And because we aren’t supposed to be a stumbling block to someone who is weaker in their faith, this could put them into that kind of situation.

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