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31-Jul-2017 13:45

Graeme Le Saux was famously taunted for being gay on and off the pitch, mostly because he read the ended up paying Cole and DJ Masterstepz damages and publishing an apology but the story still stuck.) The bullying sustained from such allegations – from fans and from team-mates – is bad enough, but there are professional ramifications too.If advertisers, sponsors, even certain clubs get the feeling that you are ‘that footballer everyone thinks is gay’, you won’t find yourself inundated with contracts.It’s not your usual, feverish, typed-one-handed stuff. Ever since Girls Aloud first formed there were people on the internet suggesting that the two of them were more than just friends.It’s all stories about how they possibly own a property together. Or how the two of them were whining like orphaned puppies when they got separated on a Comic Relief expedition. Talk about their secret lesbian love is so widespread in certain internet circles it’s even developed its own nickname. So what could have happened last month that seemingly forced Cheryl’s hand in marriage?

If Cheryl had any hope of reaching her full pop potential after this, she would need fully rebranding.

Forensic attention was cast over these alleged romps. To some dedicated lesbian gossips, this is just where it starts.

Even perennial shaggers like Russell Brand or Steve Coogan don’t get such a level of lurid detail paid to theirs – and love-rat romping is part of their personal brands. There was one other strange phrase in Cheryl’s wedding announcement.

The story goes that someone, somewhere, who is paid an extortionate amount of money to make sure that celebrities remain marketable had a brainwave. One stands accused of being a racist; the other stands accused of being gay.

Two, hugely unprofitable birds that could easily be slain with one small stone. And so, using the Beckhams as a blueprint, Cheryl and Ashley became Britain’s new power couple.Surely there are a hundred things she could have done instead if publicity was her only goal? It’s possible that Cheryl just wanted to get married again – but that’s too simple.

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