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24-Nov-2017 03:23

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That’s why black men (and men of all colors) are finding it difficult to find the right woman in America. Let’s compare your options in America (aka the matrix) vs Abroad (places like Brazil): American Man’s Options As you can see, you are more likely to get screwed in the USA than end up in a happy marriage. Brazilian Man’s Options Clearly, Brazilian men have much more advantages than we will ever have.They can enter relationships without worrying about paying child support and alimony in case of divorce.This is also followed by mistreatment via the black woman and her master, the elite rich white man (think Scandal the TV series).It seems like ever since the 60’s, black women have abandoned the traditional black family to work for corporations and raise children without a father and a good home.

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You don’t know when somebody is going to get upset and kill or just try to rob you. On the other hand, most Brazilians don’t own a gun and the only mass shootings are between police and gang members.Brazilian women rarely get abortions and birth control is very uncommon.

Many call boys also work at these clubs - some of them "strip" joints - and typically are recruited there by the escort services.… continue reading »

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After watching the Lillehammer Games on television, he began competing in speed skating events in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.… continue reading »

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